Friday, August 16, 2013

Replacing Dell E153FPC 15" LCD Monitor Backlight With LED

By leorick  |  8/16/2013 12:48:00 AM No comments

My old Dell E153FPC back-light recently failed to light up.Tracing lead me to the bad inverter circuit and broken CCFL back-light.

So replacing with an LED would be a great idea. Refering to Instructables, I'm planning to do the same thing but the LED flex/strip here cost more than a used/refurbished LCD monitor.

A cheap solution is by creating my own LED bar. 3 white LEDs in series with current limiting resistor. Calculated to works with 12VDC.

The CCFL backlights have been removed earlier but I did not snap any image during the process. Please Google for this. Next, test the LED back-light.

Does not look like what you expected? Wait until you turn it on.

Connect it to 12VDC source that can be found on the power supply board. A fuse added just in case. Use a detachable connector for easy troubleshooting later on.

Tadaa! although the light source does not emit its rays uniformly, but for me this is enough since I'm planning to use this monitor just for PC troubleshooting.

Finally, put them back together again. From now on, this monitor is no longer an LCD Monitor but an LED Monitor :-)


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