Friday, October 16, 2015

Noxxa Multifunction Pressure Cooker - No Power

By leorick  |  10/16/2015 10:27:00 PM 3 comments

Just to share how to fix Noxxa Multifunction Pressure Cooker no power issue.

Symptom: The front panel didn't light up. So let's open it.

Start check the simple things first, temperature fuse continuity? OK, any swollen capacitors? nope!

Next, power it up and check is there any output before (AC) and after the bridge (DC)? YES.

Regulator (7805) output? NO! Found it. Input is about 14V but no output

This is the power supply for the front panel circuit board.

 Desolder it out an do a quick test by it an 12v input

No output at all, compare with the new one

Put it back together again, plus a heat sink to the 7805 regulator. This might prevent it from overheating again, I hope so.

Finallly :-)


My noxxa problem is no heating after select any function for cooking. Still on checking & suspected intelligence thermo switch at a middle of pressure cooker. But did know how to confirm if that is main culprit.

Neostar said...

My noxxa no power..already replace regulator with new one with heat sink..but still no power..

leorick said...

What is the regulator input voltage?

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