Monday, May 15, 2017

DIY Myvi - YI Dashcam Installation

By leorick  |  5/15/2017 12:18:00 AM 4 comments

Mount the dash-cam accordingly. Tuck in the usb cable in the headliner until you reach the corner panel.

Pop up the corner panel. Careful not to break the panel clips. The are 5 of them.

Run down the cable following the existing cable through an opening just beside the dashboard speaker.

And it should come out somewhere here, behind the dashboard drawer.

Properly lay the cable behind the dashboard drawer to access the cigarette socket and plug in the USB 5V adapter.

Later on I'm planning to get one of these, fuse tap, hard-wire it to the fuse-box through female cigarette socket.

There are still empty spare slots there that we can hook it in.


Hi Simon, can I know where is the grounding point near the MYVI Fuse box ? I wants to install a hardwire kit but not sure which one is for grounding? Appreciate your advice.

leorick said...

kitmanworld, connect the -ve terminal to metal chassis.

Hi Thanks Leorick,

Can I also ask which fuse port is containing Live eletrical wiring ? Meaning permanent live electric ?

leorick said...

Need to test one by one with a 12v tester or multi-meter. Try the interior light or car stereo. Most stereos have 2 power wires (one switched and one constant)

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