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PC IrDA interface

By leorick  |  5/05/2006 06:48:00 PM 1 comment

DIY IR interface

This circuit is also from Since it is very hard for me to get the infrared interface (TFDU4100), I start to look in the old/damage handphones. It looks something like this.

Now, you need to remove it using the hot air blower perhaps.

Connecting to motherboard

Please refer to on how connect this irda module to your motherboard.


Infrared Transceiver Modules

Here are the pin layout and picture of the device.

Pin Description of TFDU4100

Pin Number Function Description I/O Active
1 IRED Anode IRED anode, should be externally connected to VCC2 through a current control resistor
2 IRED Cathode IRED cathode, internally connected to driver transistor
3 Txd Transmit Data Input 1 High
4 Rxd Received Data Output, open collector. No external pull–up or pull–down resistor is required (20 k. resistor internal to device). Pin is inactive during transmission. 0 Low
5 NC Do not connect
6 VCC1/SD Supply Voltage / Shutdown
7 SC Sensitivity control 1 High
8 GND Ground


Cricket said...

This is an excellent job, but I have some troubles in doing the same thing. Is it possible to connect the TFDU4100 with a USB-TTL convertor?

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