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S/PDIF - TOSLINK interface

By leorick  |  5/10/2006 09:22:00 PM 3 comments

Circuit & Information on TOSLINK interface

So you want to get a high quality audio for minidisc recording but when using red and white RCA, the quality drop drastically. Here a my cheap solution for you. Actually you can find a lot of references of this type of simple project in the internet.

* S/PDIF = Sony/Philips Digital Interface
* TOSLINK = ( TOSLINK Interconnect History & Basics )
* Another web offering the same information
* SPDIF at

Meet my version of cheap, 2 components TOSLINK @ S/PDIF. Try to find a cable with connector from old PC casing for this. (HDD led,reset switch or power button connector)

Assemble it using your own creativity. Use the pen tube for the light transmission.

Connect it to the back of your CDROM drive. Since (D, the signal should go to anode and G should go to the ground/cathode)

Test it out. you should see the light come out from the tip/tube.

Connect to your MD or other device such as power amp that support optical in.

Actually, I have one of this (USB to SPDIF converter) for my minidisc but just to share with you on how to find a supercheap solution before start buying. :-)
Even my new MSI mainboard do have built-in TOSLINK :-)


Wow... speechless.

leorick said...

"A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words" :-)

If you'd like to use this interface with other gear with Toslink inputs rather than the 1/8" phone plug, you might try hollowing out one of the plug caps that comes with your toslink equipped gear. Then you can mount your LED inside this cap. This way it will fit the standard toslink connector. Some caps on some Toslink connectors are more easily modified than others, so if you have several to choose from, look them over.

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