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Biquad ant. for WLAN

By leorick  |  12/23/2006 06:45:00 PM 1 comment

Biquad Antenna for 2.4 GHz - 802.11b/g - WiFi - WLAN

After some research, I found out that the simplest type of homemade WLAN antenna is BiQuad antenna. Many sites provide good instruction on how to assemble it.
(refer below)

I'm not going to repeat it.

My Antenna

So I start by recycling some parts that I found in my workshop and construct it.

I took about 10-20 min. for me to finished it.

The critical process is to make the element.
With proper method and dimension this thing will work.

Good Luck!!!


(I'll pay you $60 for the following) my mind is going round the bend, I've been trying to make two fairly
simple circuits (below) on strip board but i have been getting zero
when I solder them up...I spent this whole weekend Friday---Monday
building, testing, re-soldering, refitting, etc just this and sleep.
I've got only two weeks to get this done, deadline here.I would really
love to stick with it but the deadline is coming up and I have no one
to ask for help.

so anyone who can build the following, but instead of getting each part
just leave wires soldered on the tracks for the photo-transistor, IR
LEDs, the two relays and the DPDT switch
all the other parts is up to you.

the two schematics:

I strongly suggest that you test both circuits with a 12v relay before
you ship it out to me because I won't send payment if it isn't working.

if the schematics are wrong then make the necessary measures and give
me a shout as to where I went wrong.
I'll still pay you of course if you build and send me a working model.

if you have any questions as to what the function of the circuits are
don't hesitate to reply.

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