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Upgrading DivX Player Firmware

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Upgrading DivX Player Firmware

Planning to upgrade your DivX player using CD? Good idea but if anything happen, your player will be dead. In order to revive it, you need to re-flash it.

Refer here for more information about re-flashing your DivX player.
Upgrading a dead player - By DivXpert.

You can download some recommended softwares from their site and try it out. Now the fun part, you need a hardware interface from your computer to the player. Recommended hardware interface by DivXpert is standard Serial Data Cable for mobile phone. So I built one.

Identifying The Upgrade Port

  • Open up your player and find the main PCB & the upgrade port.
  • Most of them have 4 pins [3.3V],[TX],[RX],[GND].
  • Find the label for each pin under the PCB.

What You Need

  • I found out that the male audio input connector from the old sound card is suitable for the upgrade port. Use it if you have one.
  • Old mouse cable match the female connector to this type of connector.
  • Find a cheap mobile serial data cable/ I'm using Nokia 3210 data cable.

Install & Join It Together

My Other Version of Cable

After that?

Please refer to " Upgrading a dead player - By DivXpert. " for the software usage on how to upgrade. They provide the latest firmware for your Player.

Good Luck


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