Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fixing a Mouse Double Click Problems

By leorick  |  12/23/2008 09:00:00 PM 8 comments

Have you ever experience a bad optical mouse? It went double click action whenever you did a single click action? At first, I try to Google for answer but none of them help. I’ve tried every combination of settings but the problem doesn’t go away. I really suspected there must be something wrong with the circuit. After I made a conclusion that it is a mechanical related issue (maybe the switch it self), I replace the switch from an old mouse available.

Unfortunately the problem is still there. This is dangerous since you might drag a folder by accident and move it into another folder. This problem always happening to a first time touch-pad user with tapping function turned on.

So next I’m thinking it maybe related to a noise in the circuit. So without any calculation, I try to salvage a capacitor that l can find from an old circuit board and solder it parallel to the switch.

:-) Now it become “click and hold” for about 10 seconds. The capacitor value that I used to smooth the noise from the circuit is too big causing it to simulate “click and hold”. After measuring the capacitance it shows about 2µF. Too big maybe.

Next I try to find a capacitor with quite smaller capacitance value (~2nF). Maybe this will do. So I just replace it.

Walla! At last like a brand new mouse looks and feel. Good luck.


Andani said...

Nice Post! Thank for Articles, keep update' I'll be back


Nice article! I have this problem one at home. Will try it. Thanks. Err..any post regarding a loosen power port? :p

I just came across your blog about ebay deand wanted to drop you a note telling you how impressed I was with the information you have posted here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip!


Anonymous said...

Walla? It's spelled voilà!

Otherwise good tip.

leorick said...

Gee Thanks! I'll use voilà next time :-)

never in my life seen a mouse disarmed, I read the blog and I decided to repair my house, I followed the steps and guess what? GREAT

Missa said...

Very, VERY usable tip. Thanks. I tried with several capacitors and it shows difference. Can't read values, those are too small. And I do not have multimeter to measure them, so poking in the dark for now...

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