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P16PRO40 programmer strip board layout

By leorick  |  12/07/2009 11:08:00 PM 7 comments

What is P16PRO40? It is a programming tool for several types of PIC micro controller. I'm not sure the origin of it, but I found it here at while browsing. The schematic can be found here at

Since I saw a several request for P16PRO40 strip board layout, so I decided to share it here.

My PIC programming tool is a strip board based (AKA Veroboard). It is not as compact & neat as the commercial programmer but guess what, It took only 2 hours for me to built it from my electronic junkyard, except the 74LS05 and of course the strip board it self. Use normal IC socket if you don't have a ZIF socket.

I have made some modification to the circuit to match what I can find on my electronic junkyard. I replaced BC557 with A1015 (PNP), note that both transistor don't share the same pin layout. Just be careful if you want to use the alternative transistor.

On the power supply circuit, I've remove 7808 regulator since I already have 13V power supply. I only use 7805 to produce the 5V Vcc and the 13V Vpp comes directly from the main power supply.

I've also remove Vpp40 on/off from my PIC programmer. I've no plan to use them in the near future.

The programmer has been tested to work with 16F84A & 16F628A.

The recommended software for this programmer is WinPicProg 1.91 from It is simple but reliable software for PIC programming.

If you are using 74LS05 or 74LS06, set your 'hardware' setting as below. They are both HEX Inverter Open Collector output ICs but 74LS06 has extra features = with Buffer/Driver and 30V output.

Below is my test circuit, just a simple blinking program to test it out.

Additional images ...


hey dude could u please mail me your schematics!!! i tried this using the link which u had given but in that ,my pic is getting hot!!! so please mail me your schematics!!! my mail id is

leorick said...

I also refer to the same schematic. I don't have my own schematic. The only thing is, I removed the Vpp40 circuit, no connection to pin 1 MCLR and no D3 LED.

thanx for your reply!! i setup the circuit as it is given on bread board. but my pic is getting hot!!! i again checked for any wrong connection but nothing is wrong in my connections. i prepared the circuit thrice and same result MY PIC16F877A IS GETTING HEATED!! PLEASE HELP ME

leorick said...

Could you please upload your breadboard picture? Let us take a look at it.

hey dude here is the photo of my bread board(sorry it is not that much clear some problem with my camera!!!)

leorick said...

hm... very hard to trace it down through the breadboard images. I've added 2 more high resolution images of my programmer. They might help u out.

Mehwish said...

Hi Author
You have you great work in blog.
keep up the creative work.

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