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Troubleshooting Remote Controlled Ceiling Fan

By leorick  |  7/31/2011 05:45:00 PM 7 comments

Last week, I came across 2 different model same brand dead ceiling fan. Both models are remote controlled model. Symptom quite similar.

The first model comes with 7 speed but I can only see only 5 TRIACs on the board. Not sure how it works.

Meanwhile the second model comes with 3 speed and 3 TRIACs available on the board. I assume 1 TRIAC for 1 speed.

While troubleshooting they look like their µC don't have enough power to start. The buzzer give something like repeating click sound. I did measure the µC Vdd/Vss and found out that the voltage is less than 5V.

After a quick search at Google, lead me to aztronics . Similar symptom. So I give them a try.

Desolder the capacitor and measure. Binggo! All caps (regulator part) value is less than they should be.

Replace them all and test with a smaller vent fan.

Done and pass them back to their owner to test with the their ceiling fan motor.

22nd Mar 2013, another board coming in. Same thing. µC powering problem.

Replace both caps solve the issue. It looks most of the ceiling fan across diff brand are having similar issue.


This blog helped me out quite a bit, thanks for taking the time to post this.

You really know your thing. :D

It's great to see an example of someone working to figure things out to fix a problem instead of giving up and binning it. Great work.

Anonymous said...

On the second board .. is the CAP generic? how do i know what to buy? my has some code of


leorick said...

From what I know, it is non polarized film power capacitors. the best way is to bring along the damage cap to the hardware. but from your code I can tell that you are looking for 82µF (micro farad) 275 volt cap.

Hi leo.your second board dated 22 march 2013 same with u change the both capacitors which side by side right?ie the small n the big fully functioning isit

leorick said...

Hi JDMgarage, yes, those 2 film caps are 0.82µF and 0.1µF.

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