Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Adding Extra VGA connector to Dell 3400MP Projector

By leorick  |  7/11/2012 10:04:00 PM 2 comments

Since M1-DA to VGA cable is quite expensive, we have decided to add extra connector to our Dell 3400MP Projector so we could just use common male to male VGA cable.

M1-DA to VGA CableM1-DA to VGA Cable

1st thing to do is to know the connector pin-out. For VGA connector we have 15-pin connector.
Cable = MALE and Projector = FEMALE.

D15 Female VGAD15 Male VGA

Next, the M1-A connector (AKA M1-P&D Plug) A lot of pin. :-)
Cable = MALE and Projector = FEMALE.

M1 maleM1 female

Internet research tell me that only 7 connections are needed in order to make this work as below


VGA pin# M1 pin#
Red 1 C1
Green 2 C2
Blue 3 C4
6,7,8 (join) C5
13 5
14 6
10 4

Now the hard work begin.... disassembling...

Top cover removed


Temporary testing setupSoldering job, not so neat :-(


Testing setupTesting setupTesting setup

Finally, the connector cut-out through the Dell 3400MP magnesium alloy chassis.

Magnesium alloy connector cut-out

Final test.

Final test


Matt Kuhar said...

i just tried doing this but without disassembling the projector. ive got a vga socket with bare wires on it and hooked it up matching pins according to your chart and it doesnt work?? any idea how i can get this to work for me? i dont want to spend 40 bucks on a new m1-da to vga cable

leorick said...

Yup, M1-DA to VGA cable is quite expensive. Any snapshot available? Maybe I can guess what went wrong from there?

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